Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nail Art the Easy Way - Moodies!

Sorry for the wait, gals! I usually post on my breaks at work, and yesterday was exceptionally busy. The few minutes I did spend surfing, I spent ordering a Miche Bag, which I realize isn’t nearly as important as nail art, but it is pretty cool! Thanks for waiting, everyone!

Back to the subject at hand. Saturday night, I finally (and very carefully) got the polish off my cut thumb (which still isn’t healed, but it’s doing much better). I decided that it had been a long time since I used one of my Nubar Moodies, so I grabbed the Silver/White Linen, and went to town. A few green rhinestones later (yes, I’ve lost a few already – didn’t secure them well enough), and voila! Presto-chango nail polish!I love Moodies. You get so much “bang” for so little effort. This one is gray/silver when cold, and white when warm. And since my nail tips are past my fingertips, I often get a “French manicure” look with no effort whatsoever, because my hands are often either colder or hotter than the tips of my nails. I used water to get good pictures of the different temperature effects here.
So last week when I was avoiding the pain of polish remover in my cut, I started thinking that it would be nice to have a non-caustic way to take off polish in times such as that. I started looking around, and finally ordered a couple different brands of water-based polish to try, along with their respective “natural” polish removers. So those should be coming in the next couple of weeks, and I’ll post reviews of them all, since water-based polish is a completely different animal than oil-based, it seems.

And I also ordered a few more Moodies and some Nubar nail art pens, which will be fun to play with when they arrive. So lots of new stuff coming up this month!

Wow – I guess next week it will be time for a Valentine’s Day manicure…