Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Polish from Head to Toe Beauty

I’m really digging the new polishes I ordered from Head to Toe Beauty a couple weeks ago. My “mission” was simply to find a bottle of Misa’s “Dirty Sexy Money” after seeing it swatched on the Vampy Varnish site (I needed more top coat too), but you know how it spirals from there…

I was going to order from Transdesign since it was cheaper, but they were out (*gasp*) of "Dirty Sexy Money" by the time I got there. So I found it at H2T, and surfed around the site to see what else I could add (really, does anyone just order a single bottle of polish?). I ended up with a second Misa color, 2 full size Color Club colors, 4 mini Color Clubs (I love mini’s!), and 3 China Glaze colors. Most excellent.

On the left below are the Misa’s – the much coveted “Dirty Sexy Money”, a teal from the "Living on the Fast Lane" collection and Camisole, a pearly white with just a hint of green.
Next on the right are the four Color Club mini’s from the “One & Done” collection – unfortunately, I just realized that they aren’t all the same colors I ordered. I’ll have to email H2T and see what happened. I did order “Planet Punch”, which is on the far right, but not “Recycle This” which is the bright fuchsia in front. I can’t decide which the other two are – the labels are “Inner Beauty” and “I Am Not a Plastic Bottle”, but they aren’t even close to those two colors on the web site (a very light green, and a dark brown). Either the bottles are labeled wrong, or the web site is. No big deal though…same price, and still very nice colors that I’ll certainly wear.
Above are the two full size Color Club polishes I ordered. I’ve never tried Color Club, but I’m hopeful that it will wear well. The black with micro-glitter is “Revvvolution” (Femme Fatale collection), which I also fell in love with on Vampy V’s site, and the pearly baby blue is “Runway Muse” (Catwalk Queen collection), which intrigued me. The blue doesn't show up well here, but hopefully it will be more noticeable on my nails.
Finally, three China Glaze colors that caught my eye – the lovely green “Cherish” and light tan “Passion” from the Romantique collection, and “Secret Peri-wink-le” from the Operation Color collection.

Lots of pretty colors for spring/summer!