Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Camoflauged Shamrocks

Green and shamrocks aboud on the nail blogs this week - St. Patrick's Day is coming! I've been planning to use Rimmel's "Camoflauge" for this - it's a 60 second drying polish, which I normally would never use due to wearability issues, but the color is just perfect for this holiday. My original thought was to freehand shamrocks in white, but I chickened out, and decided to use these little plastic hearts and gold boullion beads instead.
I started with two coats of Camoflauge - it doesn't dry in quite 60 seconds, but close enough. I'd forgotten how quick you have to move with the fast-dry polishes...a slight delay can cause definite brush marks.
Then I started with one tiny plastic metallic heart. I used a flash here so it would be clear, but the hearts don't really show red at all on my nails. They're more like the first (and last) photos.
Another heart to the side for the second leaf....
And a third heart to complete the shamrock. I did four on my index fingers for "lucky clovers".
I finished them off with four gold boullion beads for the stems, and two coats of my (bubbly) top coat.
Cleaned them up, and took a few finished photos without the flash. The first and last photos here are very true to color, at least from my perspective.
This manicure didn't take me long at all - an hour maybe, start to finish? And the metallic mirror finish on the hearts picks up on the green/gold polish, so what you see in that last photo is very true to how they look in both natural and "office" lighting. Very cool effect, I think.

Do you have shamrocks on your nails this week? Do share!