Monday, August 1, 2011

Blood and Gore

As I said in the Clapboard post, Ron is making a horror movie. The plot is pretty generic -- a bunch of kids go to work on a co-op and start disappearing -- but everything else about it is exciting and unique. I got enlisted to help out with a lot of things. I'm acting, doing special effects, and (da-da-da-daaaa the thing that I painted these nails for) helping with casting. For the casting, I got to read lines with all the actors who were trying out, and since I was so excited about the occasion, I figured it deserved special nail art! So I made blood drips and splatters on my nails! I went a little bit cartoon-y so that I didn't scare anyone away (but I guess in casting for a horror film, that might have been a good test). On my thumbs I did some eyeballs, which ended up having veins that were way too thick, but oh well! At some point I will do a post with bonus pictures of me doing goofy things with my nail art.... I took a bunch of pictures of these in front of Ron's eyes... It looks so weird!