Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Happy New Tiger Year!

Happy new year to all my wonderful readers and all the Nail-Art Lovers.
I am so excited, to start the year of the Tiger, according to the Chinese Calendar.
Tiger is the same as Cat just not domesticated, and i love cats so much.
I made 2 tigers manicures, first i made orange one, but when i realized that it is the year of the white tiger, and had nit done again tonight.
So, i hope you ll like manicures and have a cool holiday.



These nails are too fun! This is a glitter called "wild aces". On the ring fingers I used fimo polymer clay playing cards that I got from
These nails will bring good luck at the casino! Go gamble and have some fun! P.S. have a drink for me!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


China Glaze Metallics

Hello Dear nail-Art Lovers.
China Glaze marketing representative was kind enough to send me some China Glaze Metallic polishes for review - that was some kind of wonderful Christmas Miracle for me, because this is not often that companies send me polishes.
So here are those adorable colors that i have got - Adore, Millennium and My long time dream Sci-Fi . Where is no much need to say anything about formula - it is perfect as always. Colors are very opaque and look wonderful even with one coat. Perfect for Konad - as a base and as a Stamping polish as well. I also checked out, just for my own curiosity if China Glaze polishes are available in Russia, and i was pleasantly surprised that it it. it would cost about 10$ a bottle, which is a normal price for professional nail polish in Russia.
So here are the pictures and some description

1. Adore - this Metallic polish is from "Romatique" collection, but at first glance looks very similar to the one from the more recent Khrome collection. It is light green metallic with the touch of blue. The color is rich and beautiful - and aplication is really smooth.

Here is Metallic Muse from Kromes for comparability - as you can see it is also very beautiful color, but less bright when Adore. and i would say a little more minty.

2. Millennium - i would call it one of the best pure chrome metallic on the market. It is very competitive even against special Mirror effect polishes, because it shines, sparkle and reflect as a real metal. Metallics are long lasting hits and a part of any nail polish collection

3. Sci-Fi - this one is also from "Kromes". I wanted this polish ever since kromes came out - it is very intricate and provocative. I woudl call it a lacquer with the surprise. It is a silver metallic with the very gentle touch of lilack - very beautiful and very unique color.

I hope you liked this review, and it helped you to know more about China Glaze metallics


The whole true about the goose :)

Some of my friend noticed that the goose was a little to orange when it supposed to be, and asked me to check out if Marshal-Cat is still arround, so here is the whole true about the goose, all reviled
First - Good Bye Kiss

Second - loading into the oven

Third - the result :)



On these nails we went all out! This is acrylic in nebula at the tip then I faded a glitter from called masquerade ball at the smile line. Then, I added silver dots and black and silver stars. Is there such a thing as too cute?! :)

This is my cute sister in law! She is so nice she just goes along with whatever I want to do. I used my own purple and then a glitter from sparkles nail products again. Just an FYI for all my clients I just ordered 12 more glitters from their website.

If you are a reader of my blog you will recognize this color nebula with a little disco ball action at the smile line. It's obvious that I am going through a disco ball phase!

These nails are done with my new favorite glitter called disco balls and one of my own blues that I mixed myself. I added little silver dots and stars all over.

On these nails I used a glitter from sparkles nail products called blue diamonds and faded another one of their glitters called disco balls. LOVE their products! P.S. Click directly on this photo to see the detail of the glitter.


Sparkly New Year

I'm not sure why, but I always associate sparkles and blue nail polish with New Years. Last year I wore China Glaze "Blue Island Iced Tea", and this year decided to go with something super-blingy, China Glaze "Luna". I used three coats to get complete coverage - two would have worked for shorter nails, but wouldn't quite hide the tips.

I used clear rhinestones randomly set in my thumbnails to give them an little extra sparkle. Then I added the year to the remaining four fingers on both hands - one in dark blue rhinestones, the other in white pearls (I never seem to have enough of one color to do all ten nails, do I?).

These are all set in one coat of top coat. For some reason, I had a hard time getting the top coat even again - and I added "renew" drops to it. Weird. My apologies for the somewhat blurry photos - my hands were shaky, and the glitter doesn't help. Yes, I know I have one too many rhinestones in the dark blue "1". That's what I get for rushing...

Then some clean-up work, and voila! Sparkly nails to announce the new year.

What are you wearing on your tips for the new year?

Next week, I'm going to let my nails rest without polish. I try to do that at least once or twice a year - seems like it would be good for them. So I'll post my manicure routine here instead of a nail art tutorial next Tuesday.

Here's a toast to you, dear readers - for a wonderful start to the New Year, much happiness and lovely nails in the coming months. See you in 2010!

Saturday, December 26, 2009



The first thing I did on these nails was acrylic in nova near the tip. Then I used a glitter called disco balls from I mixed it with clear acrylic first and added it near the smile line blending it up into the blue. I painted a snowflake on the ring fingers.

These nails are a super cute chunky blue glitter called stratosphere. For this time of year we just had to add the snowflakes.

This color is called "black hole." I added pink and silver stars to it. I used my migi nail art pen to write "2010" on the ring fingers. Happy New Year!

On these nails I used my favorite color nebula and then added some silver sparkle strips near the tip and a silver star for a new years theme.

These are silver nails with gold stars.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Marry Christmas!!!

Marry Christmas to each of you my sweet Nail-Art Lovers!
Thank you very much for reading my blog and i wish you all the best and to have luck in everything you do.
Here is my little present, i finally came up with the Christmas Mani . So here is my last minute Christmas manicure for this season.
I used sponge to create effect of spray on the edge with gold polish, i am not sure i captured it on camera, but it looks really cool in real life - like a real ball on the Christmas Tree.

This is my right hand

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Sparkly Trees

I had this great idea for stylized white trees on a red backdrop this week. At first, I was thinking of them on glittery red "Ruby Pumps" from China Glaze. But I'm tired of taking glitter polish off, and wanted a break (since I'll inevitably have glitter on again for New Years). So I decided on Zoya's "Alix" instead, a dark blue red that does crazy things when presented with a flash. Photos with a flash below just look garish - the ones with a yellowish cast signaling natural light show the color very close to it's true state.

I started with two coats of Alix on my nails.
Then I did the white "swish" trees with a nail art pen. Yeah - that did not turn out so well. Plan B = rhinestone trees. I started with one stone at the "top" of each tree.
Then it was just a matter of adding rows - I used three rows of stones for the triangle tree shape:
And then two stones below that for the "trunk".
Repeat on all fingers, setting the stones into a coat of top coat. I didn't get them all straight, but that's what happens when you're doing nail art at 1:30am. I'm wishing I'd snowed the tips with white glitter, but I think they turned out well, regardless. I ran out of green stones, so had to do some white (aluminum?) trees and red for my little finger.
Two more coats of top coat (which I didn't get even, unfortunately), and then clean up. Voila! Sparkly tree nails!
As I mentioned above, this is the "true color" of Alix - the bright, orange red above is the result of the flash.

What's on your tips for Christmas? Next week, a New Year's mani (my normal new years colors are blue and silver).

Happy Polishing!


Hand Painted Nails

I finally got some good paint, and i ll tell you - it really make s a difference.
For this design i used Mimery Polycolor paint - and it s a blast!
I still have plenty of room to improve my painting skills, but i think this one turned out quite well, i even made right hand too.

This is my right hand

Monday, December 21, 2009


Christmas Angels

Hello Dear Nail-Art Lovers .
As i promised trying to catch up on the Christmas manicures. This cute angel manicure is inspired by the "Day 5: Angelic with blue and Silver" posted by Doo-Polishing. I could not resist to have those angels on my own Nails. Thank you Doo for great idea, and i hope all of you are not disappointing with my execution of this manicure.