Friday, February 25, 2011

Andrea Fulerton Gemstone Overcoat

Quick post got this on a shopping trip last week. Its Andrea Fulerton Gemstone overcoat. She has produced a line of cool products for superdrug including nail art pens and 3 in polishes. You can see the whole range here
The Gemstone Overcoat cost £5.10 for I don't know! I threw the box away. The website says it cost £9.27 for 10ml so I guess it is 5.5ml in the bottle. It has got writing on the bottle itself but it is next to impossible to see because it is silver and that does not show up against the polish. This first picture was taken with my ipod touch in daylight so isn't the best resolution but shows the sparkle and colour well.

Today I kept looking at my nails they looked like fire! I used this over polish over Barry M in Raspberry which is quite a dark raspberry red. I love the look of it.
A couple more shots which don't really show the fire but do show the colour of Barry M polish
So I looked at these photos and thought 'If I was reading this blog I'd want to know what it looked like over other colours' so guess what I did XD
Here's a pic of the colours before I added the top coat or should I say overcoat. I haven't cleaned them up really because I'll be taking it straight off and on to the next project! The colours are Collection 2000 Fast Dry Hot Looks in Dynasty on little finger, Next *the clothes shop!* Get the look for Runway in Blue, Models Own in True Blue (my favourite colour ever!), Barry M in Black and Barry M in Grey.

I took lots of photos and this one is the best out of the bunch. I think it's clear that this looks best on dark polishes black being the best if you want it to stand out. On the pink and pale blue it was hard to see the topcoat in certain angles it just looked blotchy and not a special topcoat.
Stacie xoxox