Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tangy Expressions

Had I thought about it, I may have done a more patriotic manicure for this week, in light of all the inaugural activities. But I didn’t, and hubby and I both thought a bright green was the way to go. Enter Zoya’s “Tangy”, a delicious color that makes me happy whenever I see it. And just to accent the point, exclamation marks with rectangle and circular rhinestones. I’m not sure why I got the bubbles – I haven’t had a problem with them for awhile. And that little ding on the tip of my pinky finger is from loading the dishwasher too soon after I finished my nails. Gotta be more patient!

I broke the nail on my middle finger (other hand) last week by slamming it in a drawer. It tore off just at fingertip height, so I couldn’t quite cut my other nails that short (not without cutting skin, anyways), but shortened them up just so the difference wasn’t quite so great. You can sort of see that my thumb nail (shown) has a break in the side as well, but it’s so low that I can’t just cut it off or tear it. I have to just keep it polished, and wait for it to grow out enough to cut off. These things happen…

I put Tangy on my toes this week too…it’s so bright and cheerful, I can’t help but be optimistic despite the winter weather.