Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Few New Things

My plan for today was to post my pedicure for the week. But alas – the photos I took of my toenails ended up being more focused on my hairy toes. Yes, I have hairy toes, that I do shave in summer – but haven’t even thought about it with my feet in socks/shoes and or slippers all winter long. So you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for “toe nail shots” – sans toe hairs that could be all sasquatch-y and “eww!”

Instead, I thought I’d share my latest polish purchases. So without further ado:

Two Sephora by OPI polishes that I just fell in love with – Skinny Jeans (blue) and “Let’s Do Lunch” (beige/coral).Two NARS polishes that I ordered from Sephora as well – I really, really shouldn’t have, because they were $16 each, and I am regretting the decision, though I love the polishes. But what’s done is done – I doubt I’ll do that again. They are “Bohemia” (shimmery pink/green) and “Orgasm” (peach shimmer). I could not get the photos to catch the color for anything, unfortunately - they're a lot more shimmery than they look! Hopefully I’ll regret them less once I see them on my nails…
Finally, two Avon polishes, “Lagoon”, which was one of my favorite colors when I was selling Avon, and “Fuschia”, which is not what I ordered (I ordered “Spring Fling”). Avon polishes aren’t as durable (same basic league as Sinful Colors), but it is a nice formula, and I’m thinking that with a good base/top coat, they’ll still wear well enough for a week. They do have some fabulous colors, like the ever popular “Rave” that I need to get another bottle of. I do wish they’d come out with more new colors…but perhaps they will, since they seem to be redesigning the line (these square bottles are new).

I also got some long birchwood sticks for clean-up, and the Sephora by OPI topcoat that I’m looking forward to trying soon.

Not too bad, all in all…I see a blue and beige trend here for spring – weird!