Tuesday, April 21, 2009

NARS Bohemia & Konad

This week, I decided to try my ultra-expensive ($16) NARS Bohemia polish. I love the color, but I think I'd go with something cheaper next time. I'm still not terribly good at the Konad thing, but I'm definately getting better! The picture above is no flash, and true to color, the one below is with a flash, and shows the mica sparkling a little.
I used 3 coats of polish (it was opague in 2) over Zoya basecoat, and 2 coats Lippman top coat over everything. Not too bad - the polish bubbled a bit, but it was before the top coat, so I'm thinking the NARS didn't like my base coat. I think the konad plate is M4.

Brooke & Catherine, you should have your prizes by the end of the week, Pixie, I'm not sure how long yours will take to get there, but hopefully soon!
Happy polishing!