Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All Wrapped Up

This week, I needed something quick due to switching my manicure days around. So I decided to "wrap up" my nails in festive China Glaze "Emerald Sparkle", with some little red bows I found in my nail art stuff. This is a super-quick manicure, if you're looking for something speedy.

First step - two coats of Emerald Sparkle over one coat of base:
Then I used a silver Stripe-rite nail art brush to slip a "ribbon" down the center of each nail. Normally I would offset this to the side a little, but the bows are largish, and my nails are very curved, so they work best in the center to make sure the edges seal down. It's annoying getting stones of any shape caught in clothing, hair, etc.
Then another silver "ribbon" across the first:
So there are little ribbon crosses on each nail, like a ribbon on a package.
Any embellishment will work for the next step - one year I did red nails, white stripes and little clay peppermints at the intersection. I used these cute red bow-shaped stones, one in the center of each intersection, set in top coat.
Two coats of top coat over the whole thing to seal, and clean 'em up!
Voila! A neatly wrapped tip for each finger.

What's on your tips this week? Anything festive?