Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grungy White Widow

I was trying to get in the mood for hearts and flowers this week...but decided I wasn't quite ready for pink or red and white. so I decided to try a couple more Urban Decay polishes - "Grunge", a nearly-black green, and "White Widow", which I really thought was going to be more white instead of sort of champagne colored. I like the color, it just didn't have the same effect with the green that I was envisioning. In any case, I started with two coats of White Widow (which does look white here with a flash):

Then I did the tips in Grunge, with a wicked-looking point in the center.
I had some little 3-D hearts, and when I thought WW was going to be "white", I chose blue and yellow to match, I should have gone with red - would have gone better with the WW "champagne" color. I put two hearts on most nails, varying depending on how much room I had available.
I don't think they turned out too badly though...just needs a brighter white for the background.
A little clean-up, and voila! The color of White Widow is very close to true in these last two photos, so you can see what I mean about the champagne color.
Next week, I'll go pink and white and hearts all over for Valentine's Day...

Happy polishing!