Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All About A Russian Party

I was trying to decide what to do this week, starting really late, and was super-tired. So I opted to try a gradient again, and had moderate results (mostly due to being really tired, I think). The colors I used are OPI's "Russian to a Party", a reddish maroon w/gold shimmer and Sinful Colors "All About You" - a sheer gold glitter.
To start, I layered two coats of RTAP over base coat.
Next I put a thin layer of glitter over 3/4 of each nail starting at the base.
Then another coat of glitter, stopping a half way up the nail:
And finally one more strip just up at the base of the nail.
Two coats of top coat and some clean-up finishes it off nicely. 
I got the glitter too thick in spots...next time I'll be more careful about that. It takes a light touch to get the gradient effect. I may actually try with one of the CND effects polishes next time. 

Born Pretty sent me some free stuff to review, including some fun black crackle polish. So next week, a tutorial on crackle polish - should be very cool, I think. Until then, happy polishing!