Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday the 25th...

... As opposed to Friday the 13th, which is one of my favorite slasher films (which is saying a lot, being that 1980's slasher films are probably my favorite genre). These nails were inspired by Robin Moses who does amazing video tutorials to supplement her amazing nail art. It is my assumption that everyone knows of this goddess of nail design, but if you don't, you should definitely check her out here. She is the entire reason that I have the ability to add any type of depth to my nail art. I'm not naturally a good artist (you should see what happens when I try to draw a nail design before painting it), so her ability to break down the steps completely inspired me to keep trying. I guess you could say, I owe it (almost) all to her! Also, while you're checking stuff out, definitely watch Friday the 13th. But don't watch Robin's videos at the same time as you're watching the movie... that would just be confusing.