Monday, December 19, 2011


This is my absolute favorite purple glitter from Barbara Trombley's art glitter called Purple Passion. I faded the same brand glitter in D58 Party Time Dazzlers and wrote "2012" on the ring fingers with a migi nail art pen.

I love these winter nails. They make winter seem a little more fun. The chunky blue glitter is #63 Ocean Mist from

This is a new glitter that I am obsessed with. It is from #139 Rock candy. Couldn't get enough of it so I used it on the next 3 sets of nails. I found that this particular mix was easiset to use when mixed with a little bit of clear acrylic.

These nails are an acrylic overlay. I hand painted the animal print. My client went through and picked different glitters that I had from and I mixed a little of each glitter together and made her a custom glitter mix!

This glitter is also from I know you are so surprised right? LOL I can't help it I love their glitter mixes. This one is #144 Tis The Season.

These nails were done completely with gel polish. I used opi Big Apple Red and gelish waterdance. I also added a little hologram glitter from Young Nails. The snowflakes are nail decals.

These nails were actually just a regular fill that I did and then I completely switched them up with fun nail art on top to make the client feel like she had a completely new set of nails.

So much fun to do every nail a little different. I try to keep it looking uniform by using the same colors. When a clothing designer makes a collection the pieces go together but they are all different. I like to use this concept when I do a set of nails.