Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nail School - Day 6

I am beginning to love these daily nail school posts. Especially because it feels like I'm counting down the days until I graduate! Haha, just kidding. I'm starting to like it a little more. Today we watched a demo of a manicure and then we got to do manis on each other! The girl who did my mani, I'll call her R for anonymity (totally different note: did I mention that in my class of 13, there are 4 Jessica's), did a pretty good job. She was sitting next to a friend of hers from high school, so she got a little distracted at times, but overall my nails look great! I've never had a manicure before (once I got acrylics done with Ron's mom, but never a straight up manicure). So I don't know how it compared to an actual manicure. But my nails are well painted. I cut my nails really short last night, so it was hard for her to shape them, and they're a bit jagged because of that. It turns out that I do not in fact have cuticles. Apparently some people don't really get cuticles. Which is why I was so confused about what they were. I thought that the cuticle was what is in fact the eponychium, which is live skin, as opposed to the cuticle which is dead skin. The girl getting a manicure next to me had SOOO much cuticles, it was crazy.

Here's the mani R did on me. I'll post a better picture when I get home. I did some of the clean up, but overall she did a pretty good job, right?

We ran out of time before I got to do her manicure, which I'm insanely disappointed about! I really wanted to do a manicure!! But that's okay, I get to do it tomorrow. There are a lot of steps that you have to remember and there are times that you're supposed to soak the hand, and not supposed to soak the hand, and you have to file in a certain way, and blahhhh! 

Tomorrow we start pedicures! Wish me luck!