Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Taco Bell Nails

Today a very exciting thing happened, the official Taco Bell Facebook page posted one of my sets of Taco Bell nail art (the above ones, to be exact). As everyone here probably already knows, I am a huge Taco Bell fan, so that was super exciting. It is awesome to me that it's possible that the executives at Taco Bell have potentially seen my nails. Heck, I give them enough of my money, I think I deserve the recognition haha.

Anyways, I got over 23,000 likes and a ton of comments. Almost all the comments fits into one of these topics:

1. Oh my god, that's so cool! I want those on my nails! (This is totally amazing to hear and I can't hear it enough)
2. I'll bet you that chick is soooo fat. (This is my favorite comment to read because some people say really funny things. But if I were fat, I would probably be really saddened by this. Some people said they would bet that I was fat... I will totally take all of those bets and make thousands of dollars)
3. Guys, cyber-bullying is a serious issue! Stop being mean! (I'm completely perplexed by this. I read all the comments and the worst thing that anyone said was that I was fat and ghetto... This is so far from cyber-bullying in my opinion. Heck, we got worse comments about our engagement video when that got posted online! I guess, thanks for defending me, but man, lighten up a tad)
4. It isn't photoshopped! It's real nail art painted on her nails! (I'm also totally confused by this because I didn't see a single comment that claimed that they were photoshopped) 
5. Oh, she must work at Taco Bell (Can't a girl just love eating five layer burritos, beef baja chalupas, and cheese quesadillas?!) 

Anyways, I thought a lot of the comments were hilarious and a lot were complimentary and I just wanted to do a little bit of bragging. I'm very proud today =)