Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Konad Revvvolution

Thanks to Brooke and her insanely detailed Konad tutorial last week, I pulled out the ol’ plates on Sunday, and gave it another try. Oddly enough, my left hand (I’m right-handed) is less than impressive, while my right hand managed to score much straighter stamps. Overall, it went better than it could have, so I’m not complaining. Please excuse the chip down by my cuticle on the left hand (below) – I got a little overzealous when cleaning up…

I’ve gotta say – I absolutely *adore* this black glitter-filled polish from Color Club. The formula is pretty thin, but it’s very easy to apply, goes on opaque in two coats, and dries quickly…*without tip shrinkage*! It’s just packed with micro-glitter in lots of different colors, so it’s very sparkly in the sunshine (or under a camera flash), but it looks more “gunmetal grey” in standard room lighting (so not as “harshly goth” as a straight black would be). It’s really a unique color that actually looks very classy.I used the Konad special polish for the white designs – I picked this ultra-simple one so I wouldn’t have to worry so much about details. As you can see, I have some smearing, a few lines that don’t quite close, and stamps that aren’t centered, but not too bad overall (like most nail art, it looks just fine from farther away).

I used the Sephora by OPI top coat this week - worked great, no tip pull, dried quickly with my Zoya half-time drops.

Stay tuned – Friday I’ll be announcing the very first contest here at Nail Art Tuesday…