Saturday, March 28, 2009

Simple mess

Oh yeah! i am almost back on the stamping marker.
As you may mentioned from the pictures here, i used to have a stamping kit, but left it in russia , because my friend wanted it so bad, so i decided that i may get another one here. But, you know all this economy stuff.. so haven't got one yet, but i was struggling so much without it. i mean no creativity can really replace good old stamping, especially when you ahve so little time for nails.
So yetoday my second excitement was gettign a new stmping kit.
I have got a chep one from e-bay, and i am not recomending it at all, plates are so poor, and polishes dont work at all, very transperent, you cant see it on any color. And moreover the colors i have got are not the colors i inteneted to have according to the sellers picture. But on the other hand it worth trying,m because it only was like 5 buks.

But where is another one comming. With more plates and polishes, so i will only keep stamp and scraper from this one.
I wanted to see if this cheap one will work, so i can tell my friends get it or not.
Since polishes wont work, i used regular polish and surprizingly it worked pretty good.
So here is my pink mess.