Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Strawberry Carnival

Moving on from the whole Suncoat debacle...

Have you ever noticed how nail clean-up always looks okay in person, but then when you take a photo, every little thing you missed shows up? Yeah...excuse my clean-up job there - missed some spots in the shower this morning.

I used Avon's Speed Dry formula last night, in the interest of time. I normally stay away from quick-drying nail polish because I tend to have very bad luck with bubbling on them. As you can see though - no bubbles here, and the formula was thick, opaque in one coat. The brush is too narrow, almost more of a nail art brush, but it still applied easily and smoothed itself out as it dried, so no streaks.

No, I know they don't look like strawberries - I named it after the polishes. The bright fuchsia base polish is named "Strawberry", and the light pink on the tips is "Carnival". The silver is a Nubar nail art pen, and unfortunately I forgot there's an art brush inside, or I would have used that for my swirly lines instead. Next time....

This gave me an idea for yin-yang nails...stay tuned next week for that!