Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Very Happy Nails

I was really planning on doing something incredibly bright this week, but when I finally got around to doing my nails late last night, I wasn't really feeling bright or creative. Sometimes, that just happens, you know?

I settled for trying out my new-several-months-ago bottle of NARS "Orgasm" polish, which does not remind me of a "happy ending", but rather of ripe cantaloupe. Huh. Pretty color, but not "orgasmic", I don't think...

Anyways. I decided to use these smiley face stickers I found in my nail drawer - who knows how long they've been there, since I rarely use stickers. I think they bring the nails up to a "flirty" level, at least.

Next week something green, because my hubby's birthday is the 31st and his fave color is green.