Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rainy Gray

We had a few really good rain storms come through last weekend, inspiring this week's manicure. It's very simple, as you can see - just China Glaze "Avalanche" for the base, and a silver Stripe Rite polish. I think it turned out quite well though - it's actually very elegant looking in person, though it was difficult to capture the color in photos. The one above was taken without a flash, the one below with.

I tried out the new polish rejuvenator (Renew drops) from Zoya on my thickened StripeRite...and I have to say, that stuff is amazing! Two drops, and the polish was flowing as good as new. I have several polishes that will be "usable" again due to that, which is very cool. Dare I hope I'll actually finish an entire bottle of nail polish eventually?
So...what's on your nails this week?