Sunday, February 28, 2010

See you on Friday!

Hello my Dear Nail Art Lovers.
Tomorrow morning we are leaving for the San Francisco trip - gosh i am so super excited, this is going to be my first time in California. We going to spend where 4 romantic days full of all kind of exciting plans. So as of right now - bags are packed and nails are done.
I am going to post today nail that i have done for the trip, i hope that glitter top coat will help it last for 4 days, and neutral colors will not annoy me.

And here is a picture of my Wonderful and beautiful Kot Marshal - i guess your are so surprised on how big is he now :) He is wonderful, amazing, very loving Kot (Kot means cat in russian, but htis is how we call him around here) and i am goign to miss him so much. My friend is going to coame take care of the kot and dogs 2 times a day while we are gone, so special thanks to her :)
I hoped i can use this cool picture of Marshal as an excuse for not posting much lately.
When my Dad saw this picture he said that it must be called somehting like - "Mmmm... Those owners were delicious..." :D

Also please check out my post that i made earlier this year, with the manicure that i called San Francisco Nails :) I guess i was just inspired by the dream of cisitng Sanfran, and i am so happy that my dream is cumming true.