Sunday, October 30, 2011

Twin Peaks

These are (I think obviously) Twin Peaks nails! Twin Peaks was a mystery television show from the early 1990's that followed an FBI agent as he attempted to solve a murder. And as it probably was for Special Agent Cooper, trying to figured out who killed Laura Palmer was insanely exciting for me. Usually I am not interested in television dramas (or really any dramas) but what really makes this one stand out is David Lynch, who in conjunction with Mark Frost wrote and produced the show. David Lynch is known for his surreal take on the world. And he is one of my favorite directors. Everything he touches becomes brighter (This is a hilarious joke if you're a Lynch fan, because he is known for his vibrant use of colors. I'm hilarious). He is probably most known for Dune but my favorites are pretty much everything else: EraserheadThe Elephant ManBlue VelvetThe Straight Story (which is possibly his more "normal" film), and Mulholland Drive.

For these nails I painted the infamous "red room" inside the Black Lodge on my left hand. Below is a screen shot of the room.  While my right hand was the sign that is seen in the opening credits reading "Twin Peaks/Population 50201" my thumb is the twin peaks =)